Cutimed Sorbion Sana Gentle 8.5x8.5cm | 10 Pack

Cutimed Sorbion Sana Gentle 8.5x8.5cm | 10 Pack


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Cutimed Sorbion Sana Gentle combines Hydration Response Technology and a unique 3-dimensionally structured wound contact layer made of polyethylene to support tissue development.

Sorbion Sana Gentle is indicated as a primary dressing for lightly to heavily exuding wounds of various origins and is hypoallergenic, making it an ideal dressing for all patients, including those with contact sensitivity.

  • Can be used under compression bandages and is suitable for diabetics and lymphedema patients
  • Protects the skin surrounding the wound
  • Helps prevent maceration and excoriation
  • Reduces the bacterial load on the wound bed by attracting and binding free-floating bacteria, e.g. MRSA
  • Helps regulate odor by reducing bacterial load
  • Can stay in place for up to 4 days