FarrowWrap Application Guide

Wound Products is an Australian company and an agent for Jobst® stockings and Farrow compression wraps. We distribute directly to health facilities, health professionals and private customers.

Why Compression?

People with swollen legs and engorged veins can suffer skin breakdown and aching limbs. Compression stockings or wraps can help to reduce heavy, swollen legs during pregnancy or long periods of sitting or standing.
The term “compression” refers to a mechanical pressure exerted from the outside onto the skin and tissue. Special medical compression stockings, bandages or wraps can be used on the affected upper or lower limbs to reduce the high pressure in the veins or to treat lymphoedema.

Application Guide - Step by Step

STEP 1: Apply a JOBST®Farrow liner and footpiece if applicable. Place foot on top of the footpiece, resting the heel over the hole in the footpiece.
STEP 2: When removing the footpiece, fold the VELCRO® over on itself and back on the same band.

STEP 3: Unwrap the legpiece and lay the wrap on the floor behind your leg with the label side furthest back and facing up. The shortest bands will be closer to your foot.
STEP 4: Grab each side of the band closest to your ankle and pull forward wrapping the band around the lowest part of the leg at or near end stretch and affix with the VELCRO®.
Undo the top band before applying the second last and to ensure the final band sits over the top. If wearing a footpiece, the bottom band should overlap the footpiece.

STEP 5: Repeat with each band moving up the leg, smoothing out any wrinkles as you go. Try to ensure a 50% overlap between adjacent straps.
STEP 6: Place in wash bag. Please note care instructions (All Liners, Strong and Lite compression fabrics).
Machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent, tumble dry with no heat, do not iron, do not dry clean. Dry on a flat surface, do not hang or peg.

How to Apply a Knee FarrowWrap Video

Correctly Measuring For A FarrowWrap

Please use the below image to measure the correct areas and provide all measurements in cm below.