Microdacyn Hydrogel - 60ml

Microdacyn Hydrogel - 60ml

Microdacyn is an irritation free antiseptic spray that treats and heals all types of wounds. Microdacyn Hydrogel promotes faster healing and prevents infection.The Hydrogel is designed to treat, control, prevent and heal infection, inflammation and wound odour. It also improves blood, oxygen and nutrient supply to the wound.Treat your families first aid cuts, burns, abrasions and sores with Microdacyn.  Here are the benefits of using Microdacyn on your wounds:
• No Sting, No Stain
• Shorter Healing Time
• Prevents Infection
• Suitable For All Ages
• No maximum duration
• Anti-Allergenic, Non-toxic
• Use Anywhere Including Eyes, Nose, Mouth and Ears